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Another Blown Power Amp In Vetta Ii Hd

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I bought my Vetta II maybe 3-4 years ago, and maybe 2 years ago the power amp blew on it out of nowhere, along with it having other memory issues, and the setting knobs jumping all over the place problems that a lot of Vetta II owners seem to have.


Got the power amp replaced by an authorized Line 6 repair shop locally last year, and started regularly gigging with it again this year. Well, having practice tonight, and the power amp goes again. So as it were, I think I am mostly done with this amp. I already dropped $400 to replace that amp, because that part on this specific amp doesn't come by very easily, and I refuse to drop another $400, plus wait 4 god damn months before I can use it again, just for it to blow another few months later.


But I also don't have another $650-750 to go snag the tube amp I'd prefer to switch up to, and there's no way I'll get much for this Vetta II now with a blown power amp.


HOWEVER - the digital outs still work in it, so I'm thinking maybe I could run those outs into a separate power amp by itself. Right now my 4x12 is stocked with 16ohm V30s ran in series/parallel, so short of re-wiring the cab into a parallel only config, I'd want to find a power amp that handles 16ohm.


So, my question is, does this sound like an optimal method to get some further live use out of this head until I'm in a position to sell it? And if so, any recommendations on a workable amp for this configuration?


Thanks in advance!

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