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looper improvement

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I would like the looper to give a visual indication of the length of the loop, where I am, and when the phrase ends and loop begins.


In addition, an easy way to specify the meter of the song, and for the tap tempo to provide visual feedback the way BeatBuddy does to highlight each beat inside a measure. I love how BeatBuddy can send start/stop to my Infinity Looper that's perfectly in sync.


For example, when I tap out a 3/4 song, the first 3 taps would let me get my tempo steady, and the fourth beat would then be the first beat of a new 3/4 measure, with each beat visually displayed on the screen. Then the looper could lock on to this beat, starting the loop at the beginning of the measure and ending it at the end of the measure, if one chooses to do so. Maybe the looper block in stomp box mode screen can show the beat way BeatBuddy does.

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