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Pitch shift Bass up an octave and up a Fifth.


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Are you trying to do this?  That shows what you describe being done on an HD500 with pretty good results.


On the Helix I haven't tried exactly that, but the pitch shifting I've done sounds good. In one song I regularly use an octave-plus-3rd (10th) harmony, and the only drawback is that it sounds a little "chipmunk-y" (i.e. the pitch shifting algorithm has no formant correction). To compensate, I use a low pass (high cut) EQ on that path.

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Yes mate that is exactly what I am using it for. Thank you for posting. I am in a 3 piece and sometime without the guitarist who thinks we need to practice our parts more LOL to the record and he'll be back. He is good and knows his parts well. LOL I decided to make it more interesting  for him and  have been thickening up  the bass with synthy patches and getting used to playing with these. A whole new beast.

I am on the HD and can get the octave but nevermind I watched the video and realized my up a fifth I was setting it to 8 cents LOL And reason I asked if Helix could do it better.

Normally I consider the bass modulates enough as is, but to cover that hole when he takes a solo and make it more forfilling for the extended ones for all of us. LOL!

On the Helix I can see you could have even more pseudo guitar in there with different paths. Thanks for the formant workaround.


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