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Hooking Vetta Ii Into A Power Amp


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Hey guys


I just wanted you to know that if you're looking for more warm tones out of the Vetta, you should connect the Vetta from the unbalanced outs or balanced out with power amp like a Marshall 9005 or something else like a Mesa 90/90 or Engl. 


You should then change the output to direct and take the sm57 mic or the 421 (both not angled) don't use any cabinets at all and look how this sounds. 


For me it works perfectly! I always that something was not there, but now there it is. That warm tone you would get if you'd use a DT25 or so. 


The only problem is that you'd have to much bass. Just turn down the bass in any heavy amp you use and you will be blown away by the power the vetta suddenly has. I'm still tweaking every possible mode and I still think that I've made a good choice hooking the vetta to a power amp!

Please let me know what you think I you have tested my frankenstein-experiment! 

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