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Bose Settings

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I 'm using my Pod xt live with my Bose system. (Depending on the venue, I use either the compact or the L1 2 system). My question. The Pod has an output mode to accomodate the Bose system, and the Bose toneport (which I use on both systems)  has a setting to accomodate the Pod input. I've experimented with the settings, but would like perhaps a pro opinion here. Should I technically use the output of the POD set to Bose,and the Bose input set to direct, or should I set the output of the POD to "direct out" and use the POD input setting on my Bose ? Setting both on seems to "pad" the sound a bit too much, obviosly,. Using either of the other combinations seems to sound the same (?). Is there a technicaly preffered method for the cleanest signal path ?  thanks

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