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New User - Some Setup Guidance Please

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As a Boss fx user for many years, last night I gave my recently purchased XT Live it's first run out on a gig. I had previously spent some time setting up the unit's presets to match those I normally use on the Boss.


The Pod Xt sounded great in the studio but on stage through the PA it wasn't so nice. There was a lot of unwanted woolly "bottom end" on a lot of the patches even though I had rolled quite a bit off on the pre selected amps. At the other end of the scale some presets were just too bright even with a lot of the treble & presence rolled off on the amp settings.


Does anyone have a good setting, going straight into the PA, starting with a straight forward "clean" guitar preset?


I am using a Strat into the Pod with the output set on line/direct, into my desk, flat eq with the low end rolled off to about quarter to...

My PA speakers are the Mackie SRM 450s.

I like this piece of kit so I am quite keen to get a good sound out of it. Something tells me I am missing something quite obvious here??


Thanks in anticipation...



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