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HD 500 Effects Loop Not Working


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I picked up a used HD 500 a couple of days ago to run 4 CM with my amp. Tonight I finally had a chance to get it hooked up. After I did, I played through it a bit, and it worked perfectly. I then noticed that the firmware needed to be updated, so I installed the latest version using Line 6 Monkey. After that, the effects loop completely stopped working. The unit works fine when the FX loop block is turned off, but it mutes the signal when it is turned on. I’ve tried rolling back the firmware, but that doesn’t help either. I have double and triple checked all of my connections, the cables, and my amp’s effects loop. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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did you check if the SEND and MIX parameters of the FX LOOP block are both set at 100%?..

if any of them is set at zero, you get no sound with the FX LOOP turned on

The settings on the FX block are its defaults...send-0 (its max value), mix-100%, return-0 (max is 24, which I’ve also tried). Any other thoughts?
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above here are the real default FX LOOP settings..


if you have the SEND at zero, no signal can pass through the SEND output, thus you can't have any signal with the FX LOOP turned on..


Zero is the minimum value for the SEND output, not the maximum




Sorry, I was wrong, I just checked on my device and I saw that the SEND maximum value is zero, like you said before..


but if you look at the advanced manual (from where cames the picture) the SEND max value is 100..

therefore there is a clear discrepancy between the manual instructions and the device behavior which L6 should fix IMO..


so I deduce that if zero is the SEND maximum value then the FX LOOP should work, and on my device does (just checked)..


try a global reset procedure, which however should be done every time after you install the firmware


instructions here: After POD HD500X/500 Flash/Re-Flash/Update: MANDATORY Global Settings Reset!

I tried the reset procedure both during the update and manaually (holding down/left while booting up). I know it has to have something to do with the firmware since it was working perfectly before I updated. The POD works fine as long as I don’t turn on the effects loop. When I do, it’s like a mute switch.

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