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Music Library not working for iPhone 6s


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Update:  AFAIKK, apparently this happened because I had not specified an album name or artist in iTunes for the folders I downloaded to the the phone.  Naming both and re-syncing with iTunes (made the names up, since they were my own files) worked, and the folders appeared in the Amplifi Remote app.  Why this was an issue on the iPhone and not on the iPad is a mystery for me. 


I still don't know why I should have to sign in to play my own local files in the app, especially if I want to use the app at a remote location where there is no Wi-Fi, so I can't sign into my account.  (Still not sure how this works, though, so will have to wait until the hardware gets here to test things....)  Note: I don't have to sign in in Mobile Pod to play my local files in-app....




I just ordered an Amplify 30; my primary use will be to use guitar effects against backing tracks I have created that are in My Music folder in my Library on both my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6s.


Everything works as expected on the iPad Air 2.  I can skip the login, but under "music" tab I can navigate to my play list and play my loops and return to editing the tone (with the backing tracks still looping, which I assume is the expected functionality)/


On the iPhone 6s, I can skip the login, but when I navigate to the music window it then requires that I log into my account.  When tap the arrow to navigate to the library on the iPhone 6s (an identical setup to the iPad) it very briefly switches to the window in which all the selections are blank before immediately returning me to the Music selection page ("Play My Music"/Play Jam Tracks").


I have the latest  iOS 11.2 and Amplfi (2.60.2 Build 093) on both machines.


I hadn't realized there were so many issues, but the fact that it works on the IPad Air 2 gives me some hope.  But I really want to use it with my iPhone 6s as well.  Any help would be much appreciated





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