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Best clean tone


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Hey guys, 


Middle School Band director here trying to get the best tone for my jazz band.  I am fairly ignorant when it comes to guitars and amps.  My school owns a Line 6 Amplify75.  Student has a hollow body epiphone but I cannot seem to find the settings to get a nice clean tone from the guitar....everything sounds way too distorted.  At times I can find the higher strings have a decent tone but when I play lower strings, it still has a bad sound. 


I am searching for the cleanest tone possible...any help would be much appreciated. 





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I am not familiar with the line 6 product you are using, but in my Spider V and IV I have amp models and cabs I can chose from, if you start with clean amps, then select the jazz one, then select a cab that compliments it by trying them as you go through them, you should find what you are looking for, you will want to dial in the parameters to get just what you want, but it isnt that hard.

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