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Sonic Port + Mobile Pod + Audiobus + Auria

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Hi Guys,

    yesterday I was trying to record some guitar parts in an Auria 48Khz project (on an iPad 3rd generation), but I was having difficulties to let the app chain works properly.

I'm using Sonic Port.

I have no issue by recording directly using the sonicport in Auria, but I wanted to use amp modeling to get a decent result (otherwhise I had only clean and flat guitar parts).

I just opened audibus and I created a connection between Pod Mobile (as an Input) and Auria (as an Output), but it seems the Mobile Pod is capable to work only in 44khz mode, so I was unable to use it with the current Auria project (Auria simply refused it as resolution mismatch).

As a test I created a clean 44khz project and I was able to manage it correctly.

Does anyone tried a chain similar to mine?


Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.

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