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Can't Connect Floorpod With Pc

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Hi together,


at first: Sorry for some mistakes but my English is not the best.


I need some help. Yesterday i bought a FloorPOD Plus (http://line6.com/floorpodplus/) and i tried to connect it with my computer. I used this cable: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B004IJ5FEU/


It failed, computer says "Hardware correctly installed, you can use it now". I put the cable in my pod and waited. Midi in and Midi out - both lights are out.

When i started the software (Vyzex Editor for Floor POD Plus Windows) there is a message which means "Can't find USB Midi in and Midi out. Please select Ports manually". 

So i klicked in the software to choose the Ports manually. "in" and "out" - for both i selected "USB Midi" and on the right side from the window you can enter some special ports (1 - CP1; 2 - CP2; 3 - CP3; ...) 

I tried everything but in the users manual, this problem isn't shown. So my last hope is this board for more information. 

I'm working with Windows 7. The MIDI device is installed from a self-windows-installer. I have no special driver. If you need some screenshots i will upload them as soon as possible.


So what can i do? - Do i need a special driver? Is it the right cable? Should i change something in the windows system?


Thanks a lot!


Greetings from Germany-Bavaria


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First thing I would do is get a decent cable. Those £5/$5/€5 ones are always crap. Line 6 recommend the M-Audio MIDISport Uno. I would start there and see if that helps.

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Thanks for the fast reply!


I bought now this one: http://www.thomann.de/de/maudio_midisport_uno.htm


I hope it works, but i see there is a driver cd included so i think i can install the right driver. But an other thing i don't understand is: 

Cable connected to pc and Floorpod. Red light is on. When i switch the bank or A-B-C-D the orange light for "IN" is for this moment on too. So there must be a signal...


Okay, i wait for my order. If it still doesn't work i will write again.


Thanks again and have a nice evening.



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