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Moar Icons!

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Kind of a silly request I admit..


Both our drummer and keyboard guy sit while playing and singing, so none of the vocal icons is really quite right.

Any thoughts to releasing an icon editing tool and let us load more from a USB stick or something?


I could also put in my guitar amp instead of a line6 amp (sorry guys, I went to a Mesa Boogie Lonestar after a number of happy years with my Flextone II amp..)


I do find the visual stage thing a bit odd, in that I "want" to make the stage picture look sort of right, but then the icons would be too close together for easy hunt and peck. 


(I'm using all but 1 input, and all 4 monitor outputs, could have used just one more monitor send too..)


For example, on drums I have kick, snare, stereo overhead, drummer's monitor, drummer's vocal mike. I spread them out in a line across the back of the stage view so I can select them easier.. Looks funny, but easier to use..



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