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4-cable Method/dual Paths...help!


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I'm playing guitar/singing for a cover band tomorrow, and trying to use the HD Pro to run some FX with my JCM2000, as well as fatten up vocals/add some delay and verb. I'm having a hard time setting it up. I have the cabling set up in this manner, and I'm 99% sure I got it right:


Guitar -> POD Instrument Input -> FX Send L/Mono -> JCM2000 Input -> JCM2000 FX Send -> POD FX Return L/Mono -> Unbalanced Out L/Mono -> JCM Return -> JCM800 4x12 cab


Beta 58A -> POD Mic Input -> Pod Balanced Out Right


Here is a screenshot of the patch with mixer settings shown:


My issues:


-The sound from the mic is being carried to the left output somehow (did I set up the mixer or inputs wrong?)

-The FX that I have set up after the FX loop block of my preset aren't audible when I engage them with the footswitches I assigned


I didn't have these issues when I was not using the FX Loop Block. I simply ran an amp model on the top path of the preset. This worked fine, but I really prefer the tube preamp, and want to get this figured out ASAP.

I know some of you guys here are wizards with the HD products. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi! Have you used this vocal-thing in your gigs or continually? I'm interested in this but I haven't been able to try it yet. Can you program the chain so that you'll get good different sounds to your vocals? I was thinking that I could use that method in our band and use effects to get cool sounds for our lead singer. Or have you other gurus tried this?


- Ceccez

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