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Routing for 3 instrument looping


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I'm laid up post surgery and my band seems to be defunct (not de-funk, unfortunately). I want to mess around with some looping, so I'm trying to think through how to do my routing and can't actually get to my gear to try it out just yet. 



 - 3 inputs: guitar, synth, mic

 - looper set up so I can loop all of these

 - different paths for effects for each instrument prior to the looper


I kind of want to use the looper on the Helix, but I also have a Boss RC-30 which I can use instead of / as well as. 


I'm thinking Guitar on 1a and 1b, mic 2a, synth 2b and then merging 2a + 2b before the looper. I'm not 100% on how to get the guitar to the looper. Can I send to an out, use a jumper cable to an in and insert in 2a before the looper? Any issue jumping an out/in to insert creatively in to a path?


If I want to use the RC30, do I just send all my outs to one place and then run through the RC30 prior to my monitor? 


It would be super cool to use both loopers and be able to get two different parts going that I can take in/out, but I'm guessing I'll never be able to sync the loops exactly and they'll drift. Any solution to that issue? 




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Following, maybe contributing to this thread.  Just got my helix Friday and I'm looking to tackle this as well, with guitar/bass/voice.  Although I will most likely be using my boomerang looper at the end of the chain or in an effects loop on my mixer, so can't help with the helix looper part.


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