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Finally getting good tones from Helix LT with FH1500


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Recently got Helix LT and use Roland GR 55 with Firehawk FH1500.

My findings with using this setup for live Gigs.

Play in classic rock band.

Thanks everyone who commented and helped with trying various setups.

I have not tried any 4 cable method yet.

Tried going out through 1/4 “ outs to FH 1500 and there is serious hiss noise as soon as you go over 50%.

The amp clips and there is no headroom or volume, I know how loud this amp can go using it as standalone with firehawk effects.

Sound is compressed and flat, could not get any real good sound cutting through mix, my experience so far.

Decided to set FH1500 with no amp from clean section and from there go into cab setting and increase volume to 80 and above.

Save the setting, plug direct from Helix 1/4” out to guitar in on FH1500. Set out to instrument. I connect my GR 55 to FH1500 monitor ins.

Set FH1500 to Stereo and floor / wall / field.

Wow sounds amazing with great seperation / definition from Helix and GR55, all speakers are engaged and at 50% will blow your head off.

I really need the horns working on FH1500 when I use 12 string settings n GR55 for high frequencies.

Just thought I would post because there are a lot of negatives online with FH1500 and helix that I agree with until I set this up.

My opinion only but a lot happier with sound from FH1500 only problem is it still weighs the same.


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