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Transferring downloaded guitar tones

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Another beginner's question about configuring the Spider Jam amp.


I've downloaded some guitar tones to my computer from the Line6 website, transferred them to an SD card but then can't find how to transfer them from the SD card to the S/Jam. I thought it would be like transferring WAVs but clearly not. Bearing in mind my previous slow realisation of the 'non disclosure' nature of the S/Jam help manuals, my immediate reaction is to think that if it isn't mentioned, then it doesn't exist... even though the very existence of downloadable tones means it is meant to happen. So: how does one do it? Step-by-step instructions please!


Also, I can see that some downloaded tones are .s4e files and some are .l6t files. Is there a significant difference I ought to be aware of?

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both types of files you mention require different software to open them. I use tux guitar (s4e) and gearbox (L6t)

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