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HX FX routing question


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I've had a cursory search for this and can't find anything that quite answers the questions I have.

So I have an HX FX. I'm about to start constructing a board using it and a BOSS ES8 switcher as I have a bunch of other analog pedals as well as the HX.


I want to be able to separate out my in front effects and my loop effects into two separate loops on the ES8. I know I can split the signal path in HX FX to two with two separate outputs so given that would I connect the HX FX like this:


For the sake of argument, let's say I'm using loops 6 and 7 on my ES8 for the HX FX. Can I run the send from loop 6 into the L main input then the L main output into the loop 6 return and then put my in front effects (phaser, flanger, compressor etc) on path A and then the send from loop 7 on the ES8 into the R main input then the R main output into the return of loop 7  and then have all my effects loop stuff on bath B (delay, reverb etc)?  Would this work in effectively allowing my to program in the two types of effects on two separate loops???


Can't get my head around if it would work or other ways to do it using the effects loop?


Any and all help really appreciated before my brain implodes and I end up weeping in a corner... 

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I believe theoretically your idea would work, but it does come with the caveat that you would need to rewire everything if you decide to use two amps in the future.  I would setup the HX FX using the 4-cable method they show in the manual.  With the ES-8 (and using the volume loop for 4CM) it would look like this:


ES-8 Loop 6 Send --> HX FX Input L

ES-8 Loop 6 Ret --> HX FX Loop 1 Send

ES-8 Loop 7 Send --> HX FX Loop 1 Return

ES-8 Loop 7 Ret --> HX FX Output L


I'm using the ES-8 as well and put the HX FX "front effects" in Loop 1 of the ES-8, and "wet" effects in Loop 8.  This makes it so I'm really only moving the effects loop on the HX FX.

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