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Bitcrusher/sample Rate Reducer?

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I don't yet own a Line6 product, but I am very interested in the Pod series.   I am not a guitar player, however (though I dabble in it badly).  I mainly work with modular synthesizers and found sound loops and the like.  FX are very important to what I do.


looking at the pod documentation, I can't find anything that looks like it may be a lo-fi processor similar to the Korg Decimator FX that are included on their drum machines.  What I am looking for is a basic Sample Rate Reducer/Bit depth reduction effect of the kind that you see commonly in software these days.  If you are looking for a guitar reference, the Red Panda Bit Crusher is very similar to what I am looking for. 


Ideally, you would be able to control sample rate and bit depth and, if you really want to go over the top, adjust the aliasing filter after the effect. 


I don't know if any of the pods (or any line 6 product for that matter) has this as a feature.  Is it available?  does it exist in a live pack of any kind?


I am trying to decide on a Pod or M13 pedal board.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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Nothing like that on the PODs. I've been considering getting a WMD Geiger Counter.

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