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Toneport Ux2 Problem

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Hi all im new here but a old head when it comes to producing and recording,

i have a issue regarding a ux2 i just bought


what it is ..is i use windows 7 64bit  4gb ram

i also use protools 8.5 and the mbox mini 2 on my SE2200A condenser mic


i wanted to go for a diffrent sound so i bought the ux2 as i have used one before and liked how i sounded on it

so today i got it home plugged it in downloaded line monkey downloaded installed drivers etc all ticks were green plugged it into the usb plugged in my mic

loaded up gear box......... and nothing but a hum if i turned it up  tried port 2 same thing changed it from mic 1 to mic 2 in gear box still nothing i have latest drivers etc im stumped as my mic works perfect in protools with phantom power

plugged in my gutair could hear that no problem i have had my SE2200a working on a friends ux2 before so i no it is compatible please help asap as i need to return it if i cant get it working and really dont want too

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