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New User: Spider V 240HC, external effects question

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My usual rig is an Ibanez Montage into an M13 with a few odds and ends in the effects loop. I decided to throw caution to the wind and got me a 240HC and I love it! All that being said, are there any recommendations for using external effects with the 240HC? I suppose if I want to continue using my pedal board and preserve the wireless awesomeness i'll have to get a g10 unit from my guitar to my board and then plug the g10t to the output of the M13 to get it to the head... yeah I could just run a cable instead of potentially doubling the already minimal delay of a singe G10 transmission. 


Mostly I want to continue some of the stuff I do with the Octo Verb on the M13. I've been experimenting with using some of the onboard effects to get something similar but I haven't gotten as close as I'd like. I'm concerned that I'll run into some negative tone effects from having other stuff in front of the 240. Any chance of adding some of the effects across the other product lines? 


Sorry if I've rambled this, if this makes sense to anyone out there It'd be greatly appreciated. I'll upload a photo of the setup later tonight if that'll help.

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