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L6 Link Stuck In "amp Settings (momentary)"

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Here's a problem I've never had happened before:


Today, when I hooked up my xlr cable between my podhd500 and dt25, the pod screen got stuck on the "amp knobs (momentary)" screen.  The Treble setting looks like it is fluctuating very quickly between 99 and 100, as if I were constantly fiddling with the knob.


I have sound, and it is the sound from my pod patch, so there is data being transferred.  It's just that since it is stuck on that screen, I can't switch patches.


I have tried 3 different xlr cables, and the result is the same.


The amp on its own is fine, and the pod on its own is fine as well.  The L6 link seems to be the culprit.


Any thoughts?

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Replying to my own post!


When I moved the Treble knob on the DT25, it seemed to break the cycle and now it all works.


What strange things technology does!

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