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Pod Hd Desktop Issues & Questions Please Help!


Hi guys just have a few questions..


Picked up a second hand Pod HD Desktop and it works perfectly so far (I think?) but I need to have 2 questions answered if possible.


1. The headphone output is nice and loud when using headphones, however the left and right outputs are much quiet even with master and volume on full, it sounds thin and really bad (used headphone to test all outputs)


2. There seems to be rattling inside. Now this should be a warning sign to anyone but the unit works flawlessly from everything I've tried so far? But this is of course not right and I wanna see what it is.


I took the back panel off and it shows the motherboard with the chips however the loose part seems to be underneath it (on the side of the face and buttons) and I'm not sure how to get to that as I don't wanna break the unit by pulling the motherboard too hard..


Any help would be greatful.


I'm a little worried the loose part is a part of the problem with the quieter outputs.

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