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SonicPort VX Mic Adapter Loose


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I just bought a new SonicPort VX.  When I went to assemble the stand, the mic stand adapter didn't connect securely.  The threaded portion bottoms out before the adapter is pulled tight against the body leaving a significant gap (see attached photos).  As a result, the SonicPort is extremely loose on the stand and flops around.  Maybe I am missing a washer or a bushing or something?  This is a new unit out of the box.  There is a portion on the body around the threaded hole with a different surface finish, almost as if a gasket was there but is now gone.  Any ideas?  Am I missing something obvious?



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Just following up so others know how I resolved the issue.  Line6 Support was very responsive and quickly sent me a second microphone adapter to try.  Unfortunately the result was the same...  The screw bottomed out before the mic adapter was pulled tight.  It seems like the threaded insert that is set into my SonicPort VX is either too shallow or the insert may not be set far enough in.  The SonicPort is working great otherwise, and it seemed silly to replace it for something like this, so I simply added a plastic washer to my mic adapter to compensate.  In the attached photos, you can see the smaller raised portion at the end of the threaded screw next to the knob.  Works great with the plastic washer added and the SonicPort VX is held securely to the mic adapter.  




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Hello Yves,


The screw is set into the microphone adapter, but you can wiggle it out and back in again if you are careful.  If you look at the last photo in my post from 8-Feb-2019, you can see that there is a hard plastic adapter with a slot in it, and a rubber piece that is glued to the top with two holes.  One hole for the screw and one for the locator pin.  If you rotate the screw sideways while you pull it out, it will stretch the rubber hole a bit, but if you are careful you can get it out without damaging or detaching the rubber piece.  Note that you have to rotate the screw towards the slot opening in the hard plastic piece.  If you try to go the other way, the screw will not budge.





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