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Pls Help With Using Amp And Hd400 W/o Using Fx Only

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I have a mesa boogie stereo amp setup and i love the sound of it and dont want to color the sound using my hd400 when i want just the amp tone (and i dont want to change it at all)the hd400 which i also love but how can i make a preset that does not effect my normal amp tones no change at all to my amp tone i want to be able to create patches that start with my clean tone (boogie) be able to use a patch (hd400) then go back to the cleanor overdriven boogie n use my seperate boogie footswitch for overdrive using the amp only as well as be able to switch back and forth between hd400 patches at will. When i use the fx mode (hd400) and i bank up or down it doesnt go back to fx only it stays in bank up or down mode only( green mode only i think)any help would be greatly apprecc thanks this has really limited my use of the hd 400 in my rig and i know its capable of s foro much more than i am using it for and really want to take full advantage of the pod                             pls help ron garf

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