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Problem With Sound (pod Hd 500x)

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First, i'm sorry for my english, i'm french and my vocabulary is limited.

I have problem with the sound when my POD is connected in USB or directly on my soundcard (PC).

Each time i attack the chord of my guitar, there is a noise very short but more louder than the sound of my guitar. Specially with distorded sounds.

I can't fix this, i try a lot of things but i can't.

This noise (like crashing sound) is very short but it's not permitted me to register correctly any song.

Is anybody had the same problem and can help me please.

Thanks to the community.

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 I am having a noise issue as well with the amp models distortion.. it seems they all have it. Its a loud buzzing sound.. ive tried many things. I believe its coming from the guitar at this point.. I have active emg's and believe that is the source of the problem.. I wont know until I change them. When I play clean tones.. I am not getting that noise.. so. I don't know for sure yet.

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