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Help with best sounding ie. non digital distortions


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G'day all.


I've had a real love hate relationship with Line 6 for 15 odd years now.  Mostly love - but I've (and I'm blaming the craftsman / not his tools) always found it hard - real hard - to find a thick fat NON DIGITAL distortion.  Cannot fault anything else.  Amazing products and innovations.


Now - my dilemma.  We (myself and Line 6) aren't complete muppets.  I was running the mobile pod app through an IK multimedia iloud and even the default free presets sounded amazing.  Fat.  Non buzzy.  Non digital.


But every amp I've owned I've struggled with.


I just bought a 75 asa practice amp - and love it.  The whole concept is killer.


So; can someone suggest; send; advise; learn me a great distortion as well as overdrive for rock?  I went through the presets and from a clean point of view; the Jazz ones are great.


I'm so impressed with the amp that I'm getting an FBV 3 and will probably use it for rehearsals; the home studio jams and party gigs.  So really need to get the sounds right.



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