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MacOs X - Sonic Port VX -> USB Device deactivated/disabled

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I plug in my Sonic Port VX and my MacBook says something like: USB Device deactivated/disabled because it needs too much power/energy....:( Other USB devices work on that USB port.... Is my Sonic Port VX out of order?

OS version: Mojave


Thanks and greetings Mischa

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Sonicport vx, seems to have targeted by become the first of many hadware interfaces that are about to be doomed from working on Mac and Ipad...I invested thousands of dollars in Mac equipment...only to find my Steinberg ur44 and Sonicport vx have been targeted to not work on Catalina, and has proved to be not only annoying, but costly!i was able to complete a project using some cables and an old irig interface i scraped out of China, ....what a load of KRAP......the recording industry again gets hog tied by the big guys to  have to use Expensive and approved all began when old versions of Ipad would not recognize aftermarket charging cables....the experiment is now expanded to expensive hardware...that is quality built, proven to be reliable, and sold to the unsuspecting public ...unaware of the underhanded tactics to keep making their equipment become obsolete before it even gets used! Upgrade  my lollipop! Call it degrading, cheating , conning And pure blackmail.

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Plugged my Sonic Port into my iPhone and iPad today after a couple of years, and was pissed to find out it wasn't working on my Mac or IOS devices.  Line6 apparently has a ticket out to Apple to get this fixed, but that was about 4 months ago.  I also doubt this will ever get fixed.  Does anyone know of any other product with similar features (including a microphone) that would work with IOS and Mac Catalina?

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