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Peavey Vypyr Vip Series

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I realize that it may be heresy to say Peavey in this forum, but I've actually been considering this amp and I'll like you to tell me what amp would be better.


The VIP stands for Variable Instrument Performance for amplification of a variety of instrument types. They have electric and acoustic guitar models (along with bass which I would not use). I don't believe Line 6 or anyone else really models them both in that price range. The low end VIP is $129 street. That's 15 watts and 8" speaker, which is all I need.I just want a decent acoustic sound with my Variax models in addtion to a good clean tone for my electrics. I know, pretty simple.


Right now I use a Roland Cube 80XL with a 12" and it sounds fine on electric with my Variax and other guitars. It just doesn't satisfy my acoustic tones.


So fire away... would I be crazy to switch to the VIP?



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