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Pod Xt Sounds Weak When Connected To Usb

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Whenever I have my pod XT connected to my laptop via USB, over time the tone seems to get worst and worst.  It's not immediate as soon as you plug in the USB. But after a few minutes of playing around with the unit (playing with different tones/editing tones),I notice it sounds off and and realize that the distorting on some of my favorite presets sound noticeably thin.  And this is without running software in the background. No gear box. No pod farm or daws open.  To get it sounding normal again, I have to unplug the usb and restart the power of the unit. 


This is probably related, but pod farm 1 (through Reaper), also sounds completely different than my pod xt (when it's under normal operation) The exact same presents that I use on the pod xt unit sound wildly different from what I hear using the same preset on pod farm.  The distortion once against is noticeably weaker and thinner sounding.  (I'm not talking subtle differences)


I've tried two different usb cables and tried plugging them in different USB ports. Same problem always arises. Any ideas?

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