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Help Guitar Port, Old Pc To New Pc Windows 8.1

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I need to migrate to a new PC...I have a GuitarPort RiffTracker with Riffworks.

I am running Windows 8.1 on both PC's, Old one is an E-Machine, new one is an HP. AMD Processors.

I updated all drivers, firmware etc on both PC's.


USB Firmware 2.07

Monkey 1.65

Lic. Mgr. 1.07

Gearbox 3.72


I can see my "Authorized" Devices in my Line6.com profile etc.

Both PC's are "Authorized" in Lic. Mgr.

However only on the Old PC does "Guitar Port" show up under "Devices" (Scan for Devices next to it).

On the new PC only "My Computer" shows up under "Devices".


I have tried uninstalling....reinstalling, rebooting, etc. etc. etc. on the new PC to no avail....everything works fine on the old PC but I need to migrate off of it.


What am I missing?


I called support yesterday and requested the "call back" function but was never called back.post-1257819-0-59202000-1387915789_thumb.jpgpost-1257819-0-26322900-1387915801_thumb.jpg



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