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HX Stomp Midi Exp help

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I was able to get my Boss MS3 to send the CC4 message and I know the Stomp is detecting it. Issue is it seems to be turning the effect off and on as well moving the levels oddly.


Is potentially an issue coming from the Boss unit as it feeds TRS then out as midi?


I know Line 6 units like the TS exp cables but is that what might be happening here?


Tonight, I will try hooking up a TS cable as exp 2 into the boss unit. I’m using a dual output Boss EV 30. I’ll switch midi commands and see. Another fix is run the TS cable straight to the HX from the same Boss EV30 if that solves it.


Goal for me is to ideally save the FS 1/2 on HX for a 2 button switch and also not change too many settings on the MS3 since it finally recognized the EV30 properly. 

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