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Amplifi 75 PCB burnout/ no sound to main speaker!


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 Hi all

My amplifi 75 has no sound through the main 8" speaker. I have opened the back and noticed a 5 pin chip has burned out on a pcb. Does anyone know what chip that is? I can't find any detail for it anywhere. The chip itself has UTC TDA 20 printed on it, but I can't see the rest of the wording as it's burnt. I wonder if any of you delightfull chaps could help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi there - I was using my Amplifi 150 to stream music for a party this weekend and experienced the same issue.  Haven't opened it up, but went from sounding full, almost too bassy to thin and hollow and noticed the lower speaker wasn't giving any output.  Have you heard anything from Line 6?

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