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Discovered a bug(s?)

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Didn't know where else to report it, but I think I discovered a bug. Whenever I try to overwrite an IR already on the PC+ with a new IR, the old IR gets overwritten but the old name still appears in the IR list. If I try to rename the file, the new name re-appears, and if I hit "enter" it goes back to showing the old name again. If I remove a letter, hit enter, +then restore the letter and hit enter again, the new name finally gets stored and appears in the list.


And I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I am running two PC+ in stereo through L6 link. If I connect either of them to my computer through USB, I only get one of the sound channels through to the PC. Which means I can't use either of them to record the full signal they are being sent. Not a huge deal, but since you can't use two USB interfaces to record at once that seems like something that should (could?) get fixed.

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