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Is This A Buggy Firmware?


Hi guys,


recently I ordered a line6 spider jam. In a wink of an eye I was amazed about the functionality of this amp.


But after a while of testing I noticed some strange behaviours especially of the default presets.


Attached there is a video where you can see and hear what I am talking about:




  • at 0:00 min.
    First of all I make a factory reset.
  • at 0:24 min.
    I try the "ASH" (Artist: ASH) and there you can directly hear that the "tremolo" effect overdrives totally. In my opinion this preset is unplayable in default settings. As soon as I reduce the effect it becomes fine.
  • at 1:57
    Same behaviour applies for "VOLTO ZWEEPO" (Artist: VOLTO)
  • at 2:40
    Once more, same behaviour for "BORN TO BE WILD" (Arist: 70s). But there are a few more.... unfortunately.
  • at 3:15
    There you can see that the default tempo value is 1200 bpm = 20 beats per SECOND. Is this really the value which it is supposed to be?
    The value can be changed but can't be set manuelly again. Stange!
  • at 3:50
    And finally, after switching the amp off and on, it returns to the preset which was set before switching off. But it appears not correctly in the list, e.g. "BORN TO BE WILD" is the last preset before switching off. After turning it on again it is set. So far so good. But the next preset is "ANOTHER BRICK". Then the previous should be "BORN TO BE WILD". But it isn't. It's "ZAP PA SO LO".

I interpret this behaviour of the amp as software issues because of a buggy firmware.


I definitely love this amp and I would really like to keep it but if this is the normal behaviour I will return it to my dealer.


Does every Spider Jam act like mine? That's what I really like to know. If not, then I will insist on an exchange of the amp.


BTW, firmware version is "Spider Jam DSP 2.09 / MCU 1.05". Plugged in was a "Fender Lite Ash Tele".



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