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Flextone II vol stuck on MAX

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So I got a Flextone II back in 1999-2000ish for Christmas from my parents inspected by Dan! :P its has sentiment and I am not getting rid of it.  However when I turn amp on its on full blast vol! if you turn vol down on guitar to like 0.5 you can hear some clean sounds but you can tell its still wide open on amp, only way its playable on lowest vol on guitar.  The input jack went out and I ordered new one and had guy who works on guitars and amps install it for me. After he installed it he called me said this thing just making all kinds of noises bro somethings wrong(because vol is wide open).  He charged me $12 for working on it which was for part so that's cool. I got it home tinkered with it and found its just vol set to max on amp its self. All my knobs are tight, the knobs work great not worn at all.  Amp overall is in decent shape has some scratches and dents but overall its been fairly taken care of by me. So I do not know what to do next?

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Hey Man, did you ever solve this issue? I have an original run Flextone as well with the same problem. You can tell it's wide open. When I connect the floor board, I can control the volume but yeah, it's like the master volume pot was stuck wide open and turning it down does nothing. I just took it apart and tried cleaning all the pots with contact clearning with no change.


Curious if you ever figured it out.

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