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Can HX stomp have 2 seperate outputs (as well as fx loop chain)


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So, question is basically that. I've actually read most of the manual now, I don't have a stomp but thinking about that one or the LT, the stomp is smaller and might do everything I need but wondered if you could have 2 independent outputs? This in addition to incorperating another actual pedal, a POG so this might tie up the send, return on the side of the unit. So.. 


Can you have 1 input (guitar), an FX loop block (let's say POG), but then send 2 seperate outs. The question might reside on whether you can use the LR outs seperately? Be cool to have one out say L, going to FOH with all the FX but then the R out going to a monitor or an amp with no FX, or maybe one FX. I can't quite figure out if this is possible in the manual. 

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