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Pod Xt, Cant Change Output Setting

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Ok, when accessing the output menu for either Direct, or 2x12 4x12 etc. it wont change the default setting. When turning the Effects Tweak knob nothing happens.


I would like to run the POD XT in the eff. loop of my amp, but then I have to change this setting, so what do I do, can you change this through the Edit program in the computer instead?


Omg, just found this:


To give you great sound through the headphones, your PODxt automatically switches 
to Studio Mode whenever headphones are connected (for more on Studio Mode, see 
“What are you connecting to?†on page 3•2).
Well sure enough, I have the earphones connected... 
Guess I have to wear the stupido hat this weekend :D
Didnt find this in the paper manual though, just the one on-line.




/ Richard

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