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Sacked My Dt.... Buuuuut.....


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Now running my 500x through the front of my Hughes and Keetner a tubemeister 36 head (H&K v30 2x12 cab - 2nd one to come.)


I love the L6 stuff - really -have the only JTV89F Variax in blood red in Australia on order. 3 weeks away....) Hence needing the 500x.


Buuuut I hate the pod. So sacked the DT.

I loooooove channel IV through the DT and can get close trying to emulate the same sound through the pod. I even thought I could set up a patch with the amp sims disabled so I had one of the actual DT, but I got it wrong: you can't.


But now I've running the H&K via midi (thank you L6 - & H&K) with my pod.

Great effects, tuner, patches. (Did you guys all know the pod could do this?????!!!!)

But now I have patches with Just the H&K tube tone.... (But can add delay, reverb etc etc...on fs 1 to 4)


I'm so happy I could listen to a full Coldplay album. (But just once.)


Only problem is I'm losing gain.... I've experimented with the screamer and other distortion models as a booster but they still make the natural tube sound of the H&K more digital (to my ears)


Any suggestions for a natural non colouring booster that I can run permanently through the loop?

I'd have it on all the time but when I select the H&K patch I'd select the loop on (can you even do that?)


Cheers all..


3 weeks till my Variax.

6 weeks for my bare knuckles to go in it........

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