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Firehawk remote app / Android version / Cannot save offline

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Dear all,


I faced an issue when I wanted to save a tone to "My Tones" with an Android tablet when I was offline.


I created a tone on my Android tablet in a room where there is no internet connection. I wanted to save the tone to "My Tones" but when saving it the tablet ran into an endless loop. Later at home I noticed that this must have happened due to the missing internet connection. Unfortunately the tone was not saved and lost :-(


When doing the same with my iPhone the app provides a message that my mobile is offline and it saves the tone on my iphome. Later, when I'm online again, the tone is saved to the "My Tones Cloud" an available. No data loss!


Is there a lag of functionality in the android app or can I change this behaviour by some setting I did not find yet..


Thanks a lot!


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