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Midi Mobilizer II sometimes not working


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I've been working for several years with the Ipad3 IOS 9.3.6 and Setlistmaker. The Midi commands to control my effects are issued by Setlistmaker via the interface "Line6 Midi Mobilizer II" which works everything well. Unfortunately, since the beginning, the interface does not transmit any Midi Commands from time to time. However, in the setlistmaker logs the commands are reported as issued. Although the LEDs of the Mobilizer both flash when plugged into the Ipad but at the command output the Led does not flash for data output to the Mobilizer.

Now and then comes the message "the accessories are not supported by this ipad"

Sometimes a couple of times helps to replug and from time to time it only helps to restart the ipad by pressing the home button and the on / off button together.


A second Mobilizer brings no remedy.


Maybe someone has the same problem or can give me a tip for problem solving?

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