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Spider Valve Hd100 Tube Head Buzzing Problem

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I have the bogner design line 6 tube head HD100, and while my band was on tour, it developed a strange problem. when it's in standby it is totally fine, but after a quick heat or after a long time of playing it will start buzzing, almost like radio interference. it isn't affected by the volume at all.


it has new groove tube 6L6's that we're replaced in August and I just put new groove tube 12ax7's in it today thinking that was my problem. now I'm kind of at a loss.


it did go through some pretty extreme temperature changes while on the last tour, and I did have some work done in August on it for one of the fuses shorting out. I'm having a difficult time chasing down what the deal is, especially being largely new to tube repairs. it's worth saying it is in a 1/2 inch thick live in case with a 2x12 cabinet. any help would be greatly appreciated

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