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Booting error

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Hi I'm new here, recently I have a problem with my Spider Jam, I searched here but it seems nobody has such an error.


Okey the thing is when I turn on my amp the lcd lights on but there is nothing in the display, the clip light flash instantly and then goes off and the "hold for tuner" button keeps and keeps on along with the display.


I think the amp needs a hard restore, but I don't know how to do it, I tried to reflashing with a 1Gb SD Card (Fat 16) pressing the SAVE button and all of that, but the amp keeps a blank display.

couples of months ago I plugged and all worked very fine, I don't know what happened.


Here's a small video to help out.

Thank you so much guys, you're all amazing and excuse my muddy english (I'm from Spain) and thanks you so much again.

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