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I've been a happy Line 6 customer for over a decade and have many Line 6 pieces including Amplifi 500, Amplifi TT, Spider V 240 HC.  I love the sounds and the ability to "crowdsource" the patches - and then tweak as needed - and use the FB to control during live play.   The Spider 240 HC is my main amp and I use it with a couple of cabinets depending on the venue i'm playing with my classic rock cover band.


My main question is - what am i missing between the lower end consumer units I have and the higher end stuff (Firehawk / Helix)?   Are the patches / sounds / effects that different?   My only bad Line 6 experience was with a Pod 500 HD which I thought sounded great in headphones but was challenging to get to sound right through an amp (even with the 4 cable).   I'd be open to trying out some of the higher end gear but the reviews and information that I've found seems to stay in its lane and I'm wondering if I should optimize and stay in Spider - or look at Firehawk or Helix/Powercab.


Also wondering if anyone has a clever solution for rigging a boost button through one of the aux inputs on the FB.  My toe precision isn't always great during live play and have stepped on the wrong switch...  


Thanks in advance for any tips or direction to help me compare the product lines.





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