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HX Stomp Ear Monitor Tricks

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My first post on this forum! Not sure if anybody have posted about this before...

You can use your HX Stomp as a simple in-ear mixer.


Direct situation:
Amp+Cab > Send (dry thru set to 0.0 dB) > Return (mono or stereo)
* Adjust return mix how you want

* Set Phones Monitor to Main L/R

* You may have to isolate Aux send from mixer before going into the returns. Mine hums like crazy so I put Radial SB-6 which kills the hum!DI.thumb.JPG.09efd36d7b7494cc3653087f4cb83c98.JPG


Real amp situation:

Send (to real amp) > Amp+Cab > Return

* This way you can also monitor your self using HX's amp.

* Set Return mix to 100% and remove the amp block if you only want to hear the Aux send from the mixer.
* Set Phones Monitor to Main L/R



Please share how you use your HX Stomp with inears.

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