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"Line 6 Chemical X" Solved?

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A bit of frivolity here, but:


While editing Spider V patches, I noticed that, to my surprise, the amp setting on the "Welcome to the Jungle" preset wasn't a JCM800 or Plexi, it was the famous L6 Chemical X.  That, of course, brought to mind stories the legendary Marshall that everybody loved at S.I.R. Studios in the ’80s, the one that Slash notably tried to steal.  It would seem to follow, then, that Chemical X is that 100-watt Marshall Super Tremolo 1959T, modded out by Tim Caswell of S.I.R. and subsequently Studio Electronics.  I need to check if tremolo is one of the built-in effects on that patch, which would (kinda?) seal it.


Anyway, an OCD sufferer's soliloquy.

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