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What is included in the best multitool?


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Are you addicted to “all-in-one” products and appliances available on the market? When hearing about it, many items might come in your mind, correct? Today, we will share with you about one of the most useful “all-in-one” items that you should carry most of the time, it is a “multi tool”. This article will provide you an insight into carrying a multi tool: when to use it and the benefits of having one in hand.


What is included in the best multi tool?


A multi tool is a handy “must have” item that lets you cut things in a straight line, turn screws, open cans or bottles, remove a splinter, etc, with just only one tool. There are many models that come with more than 10 tools in one hand. Basically, a knife, pliers, a screwdriver, and scissors are essential components that make a handy multi tool helpful and are used widely nowadays.


1. Knife


All the best multi tools available on the market must have at least one knife. You can use it for a load range of different purposes and tasks such as daily cooking, opening carton boxes and parcels, cutting ropes and edges, clipping vouchers, etc. Ideally, when you are on vacation, there is nothing better than having a knife included in a multi tool to prune fruits and enjoy them with family or friends by the pool or at the beach.




2. Pliers


This component is important especially when you need to hold things, compress and bend wires. Having a multi tool with at least 1 plier is as important as having a knife on hand. Similar to a knife, it performs many tasks for different functions, includes loosening and tightening bolts, removing tacks, holding objects in place, etc. If you are living with children, they will be surprised and happy if you could use pliers in a multi tool to make some lovely handmade gifts.


3. Screwdriver


You will find it necessary to have at least 1 screwdriver (usually comes with a flat-head) in all multi tools. Further than this, most of the top rated multi tools include not only 1 flat-head screw, but also 1 platte river screw. Today, a good multi tool in an advanced model might include a replaceable bit so that you can be flexible on choosing the right head for the right task. A screwdriver in a multi tool is ideal for use to complete basic tasks such as to replace batteries in old toys, clock, and fix a laptop or other electronic devices, etc.


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4. Scissors


The best rated multi tool often includes a pair of scissors. This component is as important as a knife, a screwdriver, and a plier. Having a scissor in a multi tool helps you much in cutting paper, string, and trimming fingernails. In daily life, scissors play an important part in getting things done, so it is even more convenient to have them included in one handy tool.

The above listed 4 essential components of a multi tool. It is not a full list of what a multi tool can offer to users, but they are basic components to look for when considering to buy a multi tool. Depending on your regular tasks and needs, you can pick the one with a function of a “tweezer”, or one includes a basic detachable fork and spoon for the kitchen.


When to use a multi tool?


1. Daily tasks


As mentioned earlier, a knife is a great component to perform daily cooking tasks. Besides, a scissor helps you much in cutting lines to open a pack of candies. It is far more useful because a knife and a scissor are all included in the only 1 multi tool. When we talk about the benefits of carrying a multi tool, it will never end.


2. Fishing


The best multi tool brands such as SOG, Leatherman, and Gerber offer a wide range of products available on the market to best meet user’s needs, one of them includes fishing. The most useful multi tool provides you essential accessories for opening bottles and cans, cutting wires, pulling a hook, tying knot, and thread hooks. With just a multi tool on hand, you can do more and more things than what you can imagine.


3. Camping


When you are planning for a campsite with family or friends, a multi tool should be on the top of your “must have” items list. If you forget to bring one, you might face some certain challenges during the trip. Not all, some multi tools are designed with detachable utensils so that you will find it easier to enjoy your food while seeing the beautiful views.




Benefits of using a multi tool


1. Save time


With just a multi tool on hand, you will save your time effectively because it includes what you usually need to have in your daily life. You do not need to look for or shop a new separate knife, scissor, screwdriver, and plier regularly, which usually take you several minutes (even hours) to find, or buy. With less than a minute, your task can be done perfectly with just a multi tool.


2. Stay prepared


Sometimes in life, you might face some unexpected situations. Thus, having a multi tool might save you especially when you are in urgent need. For example, if you are on a hiking trip in and get an unexpected splinter, a multi tool with a tweezer will solve your problem immediately. Carrying it lets you be more active in dealing with most of the unpredictable problems.




To find the best multitool reviews, you can research different companies’ websites. However, you might get confused when referring to many sources of information at the same time. Fortunately, there is an easier way to do this. With just one click to visit TheKingLive team at thekinglive.com, you can get “all-in-one” information you need about multi tools. Happy reading our published articles!

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