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FBV Footswitch Controls and Spider V Amps

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I bought a new Spider V 120 for a number of reasons, among them the Direct XLR Out's on the back being independent of the Master Volume knob. 


I need that feature to use my amp as my onstage monitor while routing the signal to the house mixer, with the two volume levels independent of one another. 


The amp works as advertised until I plug in my FBV Express Mk II pedal. Then, the independence goes away and the volume level of the Direct Out is controlled by the FBV in tandem w/ the amp speaker. 


I had great Customer Support from "Josh" on the phone, but we reached the conclusion that this is a design issue with the pedal that cannot be changed without major redesign. 


1. Has anyone figured out how to do what I want to do? I have to use the FBV pedal for changing among presets/User Bank presets. 


2. Will anyone on the Line 6 design team take this problem on? 




Steve in Gr. Jnct., CO

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