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Spider V Compressor - is there a L6 pedal with the same effect?

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The regular compressor effect of the Line 6 Spider V (in the first slot), has become very useful to me. However, I don't gig with my Spider V, and I'm trying to find a pedal with the same simple settings and accomplishes the same thing.  Currently I am setting the threshold to -13db and the gain to +5db.  What I'm finding happens has less to do with "compression" per se, and more to do with a 'dynamic' effect.  If I play light, the tone is crystal clear, but if I real hit the strings hard, I get a GREAT growl / natural distortion.  I guess the signal is boosted, causing a natural overdrive without touching the volume knob or having to turn an effect on to go from clean to grit.  What I'm hoping somebody can tell me, is whether that same compressor effect is built in to any of their pedals - like the M5, M9, M13 or Helix Stomp, etc... If anyone has a recommendation for how to get this same effect outside of the Spider V, I would very appreciative! 


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