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Help with midi


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I am using a Boss GT1000

Digitech Whammy DT

and the newley acquired Line 6 POWERCAB Plus 112

‘I am using the Whammy pedal for switching tunings up or down via midi and it works perfectly. Certain songs require different tuning so when I switch presets on my GT1000 it controls my Whammy pedal to change the tuning by using midi. Right now I have the midi cable connected to the MIDI OUT on the GT1000 and to the midi IN on the Whammy. The Whammy only has that midi connection and has no midi OUT.


So I assume that i will have to have the midi OUT on the GT1000 to the Powercab midi IN on midi channel 2

then make sure I have the settings in the Cab to midi thru

then Cab midi OUT back to midi IN of the Whammy that is set to midi channel 1.


it doesn’t seem to work and I’m not sure about the midi implementation chart found in the powercab manual.


Does anyone else control their Cab with midi?


Is there a good tutorial video to explain how to switch presets on the Cab via midi?

When changing presets, I want to have the cab change speakers or ir’s.



On another issue, I have tried to load it’s from my desktop to the powercab with no success, but the same ir’s when I load them to the GT1000, my Helix Floor or my Helix Stomp, they load perfectly.


Please help,


Note, I have loaded a pic of my GT1000 & Digitech Whammy before trying to use it with the Powercab.


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I have a similar question as I am running an AxeFxIII into 2 powercab 112 pluses. I want to switch both amps settings at once.


Have to say, coming over from 8 years+ of the axefx forums/community with immediate 24/7 help from employees and users. that this is a bit sad in here.


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