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Suitable audio card / interface to my Amplifi TT


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Hello good people


I recently purchased a used Amplifi TT unit, but so far I havent quite managed to get a good sound out of it. It sounds thin and lacks any lustre compared to my old V-amp2. I'm thinking it might be the way I'm connecting the Amplifi TT.


I use a regular TRS cable from the "Amp Out" on the back of the Amplifi TT connected to an old Tascam US-122 mkii. It has an "Line in" and a "Guitar" setting, but to be quite honest, I'm not sure what the setting should be...:\


I'm considering getting a new audio interface and have been looking at either a PreSonus USB 96 or a NI Komplete Audio 2. But again, I'm not quite sure how I should connect it. I've read that the PreSonus doesnt accept 'line level' inputs. Does that mean it won't be an alternative?


Been trying to google all of this, but not even the Amplifi TT manual will tell me what the outputs on the back are (i.e. +4 (line?) or -10))


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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